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Our Running Shoes come in various brands and styles for all needs and preferences. Our representatives are available both in-store and online to assist you with all your questions. At PAN Apparel, you can always find great quality and affordable prices. Didn’t like your purchase? Tell us about it and we’ll try to come up with a solution.

unning Shoes


A Wide Selection of Team Wear

PAN Apparel is committed to providing the best quality sports equipment for all your sports and fitness needs. Our bestsellers include Team Wear both on and off-field. Every order is unique as we work with you 'the customer' to provide exactly the look you are wanting.
PAN Apparel specialises in sublimation products BUT can provide a whole lot more as well as cater for ALL sizes in.

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Team Sports Uniforms are our specialty. PAN Apparel can supply Rugby, League, Touch, Basketball, Netball, Hockey, Soccer, Cycling playing uniforms and much much more...


Rotorua Intermediate feedback forum:

  • Being able to sit down face to face with Pan Apparel and design from scratch our uniform which reflects the culture and values of our school

  • The quick turn around and delivery of our order once placed 

  • Very competitive pricing

  • Pan Apparel has the capacity to provide samples of proposed designs prior to placing orders

  • The quality of the design and durability of the material has meant RIS students are still wearing the original sets of uniforms ten years on 

  • The range of products Pan Apparel can supply from uniforms to gazebos

We are extremely happy with the service and experience offered by Pan Apparel. 

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